A Caring Child   Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Also known as, the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand their feelings and point of view. It may seem simple to some, yet it can be very abstract and hard for little children to grasp. For some it just comes naturally. But for others it is hard to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand the other person’s perspective. It can cause interpersonal issues because they do not understand what their friends are going through or what they can do to help.  We do know that when children learn to be empathic early in their development, it can lead to much stronger empathy skills later in life as they become adults who treat others with kindness, respect and understanding. Fortunately, the capacity for empathy and sympathy already exists in each child from infancy. And we as parents and teachers are responsible to nurture this ability and facilitate our chi

Key Ingredients to Success

KEY INGREDIENTS Here we are thinking about 2020 to get over……around this time last year we all were planning our December holidays and all we can think of now is variant recipes to bake. Why not pen down a recipe for our life which in result fills us with laughter and success. Let’s learn a quick and incredible recipe for baking, OOPS! I mean making the best of your year ahead!   So, let’s get started. To make it right we would require: Ingredients: 3 cups of passion 2 cups of diligence 1 bucket filled with hard work 2 cups of prayer 5 tablespoons of innovation Procedure: 1.       Get started by igniting the passion within you. You already have that wonderful thing in you, just dig a little more and you will be halfway near your goal. 2.       Slowly, pour over your diligence and mix it well with passion. There may be lumps on your way, but you have to churn them up. Don’t let anyone take you down, remember, a river cuts through a rock not because of its pow

E-learning a virtual reality with a lesson

“Learning is a never-ending process; we learn something new every day of our Life.” I have always believed in this thought, but never even in my dreams thought that I would be conducting classes ONLINE. Due to the sudden pandemic of COVID 19, we were bound to conduct online classes to help maintain social distancing without affecting the education of our children. To be honest, when I heard about online classes, I was eager and excited to learn how to conduct them. The training and practice sessions were tedious. But the result is quite satisfactory. Every morning, I love to see the bright and eager eyes of each child, which is my source of motivation to keep going. Once you Stop learning, you start Dying!!   Albert Einstein Fazila Khatoon Social Studies Teacher

Welcome to My Classroom

It all started in the month of March, total confusion on how we are going to start, had no clue on how to go about it, joining the puzzle was a difficult bit. All we had was a big thinking tank, the only thing we all teachers could bank, teaching online is first time for all, facing this challenge was the call. Lights camera action, this is how we went live, without a doubt it was a deep blue see dive, too many emotions gushing in and out, anxious yet excited without a doubt. Wow, a different world altogether out there, e-learning started because we care. Students and our classroom we really miss, loud noisy corridors surely seems bliss. E-learning at NDPS has been a great success, all the hard work has paid off, I would like to confess. If not classrooms, we still get to see you on Teams, bright smiling faces are like the suns beam. Hours of work and sleepless nights, back ache, neck pain just added to our plight, like we always


What all it has changed? our work, our leisure activities and our daily routines to name a few. Each one of us is trying our best to adjust to the pandemic with patience, empathy, kindness   and moreover moving out of our comfort zone and adhering to the guidelines and instructions of the authorities since its no longer about “ME” but everything about “WE”. Though I have just moved one letter upside down, but the entire meaning has changed.  Many amongst us as parents are concerned about the academic growth and distance learning of our wards, and there are many questions about the uncertainties in present scenario, but do we have an option to pick ---- then why worry? Trust and have faith… this too shall pass and as responsible adults we are providing the best to our children. I go back to the first line of my write up – I do have work (WFH), my definition of leisure changed (ludo, carrom & scrabble to name a few with family) but it’s still there and my daily routine